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10 Best Hosting in Indonesia 2023 for Business Websites

 There are a number of the best hosting in Indonesia 2023 that can help you to develop a business website. Choosing hosting is the most important part when you want to create a site for your business.

A business website is a marketing strategy that can help your business become more widely known. Through this site, you can display your business profile and offer your business products.

Before you create a business website , it is important to first choose hosting to store website files and data that can be accessed by users via the internet.

Below, 10 recommendations for the best hosting in Indonesia 2023 for business websites . Read more!


1. Niagahoster


The best hosting in Indonesia for a first business website is Niagahoster. This web hosting service provider has served more than 50 thousand online sites.

Not only do you get hosting, users will also get a complete package with SEO and site optimization tools to support your website . Users must purchase a service package of at least 1 year.

Niagahoster is also equipped with a client area and controller panel that you can use. If you have difficulty operating it, Niagahoster provides a 24/7 Live Chat system that will answer your complaints and concerns.


2. Domainesia


Domainesia is a business hosting service provider in Indonesia. You can buy hosting starting from just 80 thousand per month. This hosting is very suitable for you to create a company, school or blog profile site. 

Domainesia Business Cloud Hosting uses cloud technology with three mirror copies of the website to any number of devices. If it cannot be accessed on the first device, you can switch the server to another device.


3. Hostinger


Hostinger has stable performance and fast loading time. There are various kinds of hosting packages provided by this service, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. 

You don't need to worry about costs because Hostinger Indonesia also provides quite big discounts to users. However, this discount is given for services purchased for more than one year.

Users can manage their own hosting via the hPanel provided. There is also 24/7 customer service ready to answer your needs.

4. SiteGround


The best Indonesian hosting for business websites that you can try is SiteGround. This hosting service provider has advantages in performance and customer service.

For large-scale business people, it is very suitable to use this service. The package price itself starts from IDR 176 thousand per month. Considering that the price is not cheap, those of you who are starting a business are advised to use other hosting .

SiteGround itself has become a hosting provider that has been recognized by WordPress. They make it easy for customers to install their WordPress site. Just log in with your email and password to enter the new site.

This provider has very pleasant 24/7 customer service. So, it is not surprising that many customers are very satisfied with the services of this hosting service provider .

5. Qwords


If you choose affordable hosting for your business, Qwords is the right provider choice. Using the best cloud hosting technology with a simple appearance, very suitable for online shop owners.

Apart from that, Qwords also provides various other packages, such as additional domains, free SSL certificates, website builders and one-click installers, as well as SEO and Marketing Tools.

For those of you who are still unsure about purchasing an annual package, this provider provides service ordering facilities with a minimum three month payment cycle.

6. Exabytes


Another best hosting in Indonesia that you should try is Exabytes. Have customer service that is competent and responsive in resolving user problems.

If you want to create a large site, such as a company profile, news portal, or online shop, Cloud Hosting from Exabytes could be the choice for you. This is because Exabytes provides quite a large amount of money storage.

Apart from that, the advantage of this hostin is that it provides SEO tools in it, so it will make it easier for site owners to use it.

Unfortunately, the drawback of this hosting is that the server response times (SRT) are quite slow. 

7. Dewaweb


If you want to create a professional site, hosting from Dewaweb could be the right option. However, the price is slightly higher compared to other hosting services . 

Even so, the price is commensurate with its performance. You can choose two types of packages, namely Personal or Corporate.

Apart from that, the customer service from this hosting is also quite responsive in answering every question from customers. That way, you won't be confused about using this hosting .

8. Rumahweb


The next best hosting recommendation is Rumah Web. The price offered is also quite affordable compared to other hosting, so it is suitable for those of you who want to create a personal site.

Rumahweb also provides customer services that you can contact 24 hours. This will certainly really help you if you experience problems.

9. IDWebhost


For those of you who are looking for hosting at an affordable price, there's no harm in trying hosting services from IDWebhost.

IDWebhost also provides customer service that is ready to help you in optimizing your site. Apart from that, there are many other bonuses that IDWebhost provides for its customers.

10. Whyplus


Another of the best hosting in Indonesia comes from Whyplus. If you have a small budget , Whyplus could be an option for you..

This hosting service is also quite cheap, very suitable for simple MSME sites or creating personal sites.

Unfortunately, Whyplus does not yet provide SEO tool features and live chat services like other hosting services. If you ask a question, you will have to wait 1-2 days to get the answer.

That's the best hosting in Indonesia 2023 for marketing websites or business websites . Hopefully this information can help you.