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10 Best Places to Buy Domains

 There are lots of places to buy domains available on Google. For this reason, you have to be careful and really choose a trusted registrar. Buying a domain doesn't have to go through a hosting provider, you can buy a domain without hosting.

Apart from being cheaper, custom domain providers also often offer many discounts. So, where are the cheapest places to buy domains ?

List of the Best & Most Trusted Places to Buy Domains

If you want to display a unique website name, a free domain is not the right choice. Therefore, many website owners are starting to switch to using popular domain extensions and custom domains.

Even though it is very profitable for a website, buying a domain is also not expensive, you know. There are quite a lot of registrars who offer domains at friendly prices, but with good quality. Like several domain providers which we will discuss below.

 A2 Hosting

A2 hosting services can be said to have various complete facilities. If you look at the server location, it is located in the United States, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more. This choice can be made by users when using this hosting service.

If you look at the advantages, A2hosting offers free account migration services, a money back guarantee, a high level of online time stability, 24 hour operational support, and page loading speed. Several types of hosting offered by A2hosting include:

  • Web Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Managed VPS Hosting
  • Email Hosting

. Bluehost

Bluehost has been operating since 2003. It can be said that Bluehost is included in the ranks of experienced services. In fact, more than 2 million websites receive service from this company.

The flying hours are also of course longer considering that this company from Utah, United States has been active for 17 years. There are three types of services offered to customers, including shared, dedicated and VPS hosting. All three are presented in different package options.

6. Namecheap

Namecheap is a company known for its work in the field of registration services and selling website domains. This company is accredited by the non-profit organization Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Therefore, it is one of the recommended services for users.

Namecheap is supported by many features in offering its services to consumers. Such as free hosting migration, transparent service fees, consultations with experts via chat and various options such as WordPress, shared, reseller, VPS, email, dedicated hosting and others.

Of these various features, package options are provided such as main, beginner, small-scale and large-scale business packages. In fact, the prices vary quite a lot so discounts of up to 100% are provided. Service fees in rupiah exchange rate start from IDR. 20,000 up to Rp. 677,000 depending on package options.

12. SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting service provider. Operating for 16 years and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Siteground has handled hosting as many as 2,000,000 domains on a global scale. Supported by experience and high flying hours, there is nothing wrong with users using this service.

Some of the privileges when using SiteGround services include distributed data storage with SSD devices, high network speed, total energy updates and powered by Google Cloud. Apart from that, this service uses a level of security with SSL encryption.

3. WPX Hosting

One of the best offshore hosting providers is WPX Hosting . The appearance of the online site looks pleasing to the eye and is quite responsive to access. Types of services include WordPress hosting and domain sales for web-based systems. There are three categories of package options to choose from.

Package categories consist of business, professional and elite. Subscription terms include monthly and annual with varying costs. Business types are priced starting from Rp. 346,460 per month. Apart from that, a smaller nominal tariff is set, namely Rp. 288,786 (exchange rate per 1 dollar Rp. 13,863).

Meanwhile, for the other two package categories, the service costs of course increase even further. The privileges when subscribing to WPX Hosting are that the customer's website is provided with DDos protection, Malware scanning and removal, money back guarantee, 24 hour response speed and so on.


Domainesia is Indonesia's best domain registrar which has been around for 11 years. Apart from domains, Domainesia also provides quality hosting services which are equipped with support around 1.1.40/second.

The domain services available on this site are complete and cheap. There are hundreds of extensions to choose from according to your needs and budget. There are also popular extensions such as .com, .net, .store, .online, .id, At Domainesia, you can buy domains starting from 11 thousand per year .

  • Address:
  • Price list:

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Do you want to buy a domain and hosting in one place at once? Niagahoster is the best choice. As part of the Hostinger Group, Niagahoster is a trusted place to buy domains and hosting in Indonesia.

The name may be familiar to you. Yes, Niagahoster is very popular among developers. Thousands of clients have trusted its reputation as the best domain and hosting provider in the country. Niagahoster has also been registered and accredited with the official ICANN institution.

Niagahoster provides a variety of domain choices for all needs. You can also find national, international and popular domains. Domain prices are very affordable, starting from 15 thousand per year .

Apart from being complete and cheap, this company excels with 24 hour support service. Niagahoster also provides full control over the domains you have purchased. This rarely happens and of course is an advantage for you.

  • Site Address:

7. LiquidWeb

Liquid Web's work as a hosting provider for web-based systems is increasingly known to many people. During 22 years of operation, 45,000 customers in 150 countries have been well served. More than 1.5 million websites have been handled by the company and it has 10 global data centers.

The specialties offered by Liquid Web include guaranteeing more stable operating times, changing hardware, providing security against threats or suspicious activity and free site migration costs. Apart from that, it helps customers in choosing the right hosting plan.

In terms of subscription costs, Liquid Web divides it into 4 options, namely VPS, dedicated, VMWare private cloud and managed Wordpress. The monthly rate range starts from Rp. 266,627 to Rp. 22,438,767 (exchange value of 1 dollar Rp. 14,033). Even though it is expensive, customer satisfaction is their priority.


The next trusted place to buy domains is Namecheap. Namecheap is a global overseas domain provider with >2 million users. So don't be surprised to buy a domain here using USD instead of Rupiah.

But it's not difficult to find domains at affordable prices on Namecheap. There are cheap domains for $1 – $15 or 15 thousand – 75 thousand . This price is only valid for the first year, the following year the normal fee will be charged.

Namecheap's advantage is that it provides many types of domains. Whatever extensions you need, they are all here. Starting from general, international, even exotic extensions. Not only that, Namecheap also offers convenience in managing domains.

  • Site Address:


Dewaweb is one of Indonesia's best domain and web hosting providers. Even though it is a newcomer, Dewaweb is quite popular. More than 32,000 web users trust various digital products on this site.

The domains available on this site are very complete and varied. You can choose a general extension domain, Top Level Domain and even a premium domain with 2-4 characters.

You can get cheap 2021 domain services at Dewaweb starting at 50 thousand per 1 year period.

  • Address:
  • Price List:


The next recommended place to buy a domain is Namesilo. Namesilo is a global and quality international domain provider . Popular domain provider with active domain users reaching >3 million .

At Namesilo, there are millions of domain names and more than 400 extensions for you to choose from.

Apart from domains, Namesilo provides other digital product services such as SSL, email and hosting.

Namesilo also offers strong security with an anti-spam filter feature on their domains. Not only that, this registrar also provides 24 non-stop customer service support.

Even though they are world class, the domain prices offered are affordable. Namely starting from $0.99 or around 10 thousand . Namesilo also often holds promotions and discounts for purchasing various products.

What's more interesting, the site provides a translation feature in various languages to make it easier for you to access and purchase products on Namesilo.

  • Site Address:

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Are you looking for a domain registrar that is registered and accredited by ICANN? IDWebhost is one of them. This digital service provider site has been experienced since 2014 and already has more than 100 thousand clients.

Apart from being trustworthy, IDWebhost provides complete and cheapest domain services. There are hundreds of domain extensions that you can choose from and get at affordable prices.

You can buy standard domains starting at 14 thousand . After making a purchase, your domain is immediately active and can be used

IDWebhost also provides various features in every domain you buy. Some of its flagship features are Theft protection, Email forwarding, DNS Security, Domain Secrets, etc.

  • Site Address:


The best place to buy domains and hosting that is also registered with ICANN is Rumahweb. RumahWeb is a pioneer hosting and domain provider that was founded in 2002 . This company is trusted with a number of active domains reaching 16,000 and hosting more than 30 servers in Indonesia.

Apart from ICANN, RumahWeb is also known as a PANDI provider specifically for the .id extension. The latest news is that RumahWeb dominates the domain extension market by 60%.

Domain prices at RumahWeb are affordable and the choice of extensions available is very complete. Domains are available with prices starting from 15 thousand per year . Meanwhile, the .com extension is priced at 125 thousand.

The features you get on the domain are also quite profitable. There are Domain Management Panel features, Managed DNS, Social Media Connect, DNSSEC Support, etc.

  • Site Address:

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Having been around since 2000, ArdHosting is the best place to buy domains in Indonesia. Apart from being one of the oldest registrars, ArdHosting is an official ICANN partner so it can be trusted.

At ArdHosting, you can get new domain extensions and domain transfer services. The available domain extensions are very complete and varied, both local, Indonesian and global domains. The complete price list can be accessed on the following site: .

Every domain purchase comes with several interesting features. Among them are control panel features, CNS registration, contact changes, managing URLs, redirect features, and others.

  • Site Address:


Apart from the names above, the next place to buy and sell domains is IDCloudHost. IDCloudHost is a hosting and domain service provider that was founded in 2015 . Even though it is a new player, this agency is quite successful with more than 40,000 clients both domestic and foreign.

This registrar provides the most complete domain extension services with a fast, easy and practical process. There are hundreds of domains for both Indonesian and international domains.

You can get a new domain or make a transfer. The available domains are equipped with full domain control access via the domain manager feature. Domain prices in this place are also affordable, starting from 10 thousand per year.

  • Site Address:
  • Price List:


10 Recommendations for the Best Places to Buy Domains

You can buy the cheapest and most complete domain on Google at IndoWebsite. Indowebsite is a hosting and domain service with >15 years of experience . This agency is quite popular and serves more than 40,000 active customers.

In fact, IndoWebsite is included in the Top 10 best hosting and domain companies in the country . To date, IndoWebsite has 20 active servers in the USA and Jakarta.

This company's main products include hosting, websites, SSL, servers and domains. For domains, the choices available are very complete and are priced at low prices. Domains are available that can be purchased at a price of 9,900 rupiah .

Please check the domain and its availability at the following link:

  • Site Address:
  • Domain Register:


So, those are 10 recommendations for the best and most trusted places to buy domains that you can visit. How? Buying a domain isn't difficult, right? Not expensive either. In fact, you can also buy a domain for 10 thousand.

Some of the agencies above also offer other products such as hosting, templates, SSL and so on. Fulfilling all your website needs, you don't need to go anywhere, you can do it in one place.

If you want to add functionality to your website, you can also use various additional plugins. For further details, please access the Postage Plugin site .

But, if you don't want the hassle, you can entrust Tonjoo's website creation and development services . Our solutions are the best to meet the needs of custom websites.