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10 Global Best Selling Electric Cars 2022, Tesla Products Champion

 Based on EV-Volumes data, the total   global electric car sales volume will exceed 10 million units in 2022 , the highest record in the last decade.

Of this number, around 73% are battery electric vehicle (BEV) type cars   , while the remaining 27% are  plug-in hybrid vehicle  (PHEV) type cars.


BEV type electric cars completely use energy from batteries, the power of which can be recharged using the home electricity network or at  Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) .

Meanwhile, the PHEV type has two types of driving engines, namely a conventional gasoline engine, plus a battery-based engine that can be charged like a BEV.

The following are the 10 electric car brands with the highest global sales volume in 2022 according to EV-Volumes data:

  1. Tesla Model Y (BEV): 771.300 unit
  2. BYD Song Plus (BEV dan PHEV): 477,094 units
  3. Tesla Model 3 (BEV): 476.336 unit
  4. Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV (BEV): 424,031 units
  5. BYD Qin Plus (BEV dan PHEV): 315,236 units
  6. BYD Han (BEV under PHEV): 273.323 units
  7. BYD Dolphin (BEV): 205.238 unit
  8. BYD Yuan Plus/Atto 3 (BEV): 201,744 units
  9. Volkswagen ID.4 (BEV): 174.092 unit
  10. BYD Tang (BEV and PHEV): 151,141 units

In 2022 China will become the largest electric car market, with a 59% share of the total global BEV and PHEV sales volume.

Not only the market, China is also the main producing country. Around 6.7 million units or 64% of the total electric cars sold in 2022 were produced in China.

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars in the World with Crazy Power!

Electric vehicles have become a big highlight in the automotive world in recent years. Whether in hybrid or electric form, electric vehicles are quite strong competitors in the automotive market.

Almost all automotive companies are competing to develop good electric cars, starting from using futuristic designs, sophisticated technology and other advanced features.

Some of them even offer electric cars at low prices for the middle class market who are looking for fuel-efficient vehicles .

But there are also automotive companies that make electric cars at fantastic prices. Of course, the target market we want to reach is the upper class who are willing to pay for expensive electric cars with more sophisticated technology, features and performance.

List of the Most Expensive Electric Cars in the World

In Indonesia, the most common electric car market is the middle class with the Wuling Air EV . For the upper classes, they usually tend to choose the Hyundai , BMW or Tesla brands, whose prices are up to 10 times that of the Air EV.

Apart from Hyundai, BMW and Tesla , there are still many well-known automotive companies in the world that sell electric cars at fantastic prices, one of which is Rolls Royce and Porsche.

For those who are curious, here is a list of the most expensive electric cars in the world with the latest performance and technology .

10. Porsche Taycan Turbo S (US$ 185.000)


The Most Expensive Electric Car in the World, Porsche Taycan Turbo S


Taycan Turbo S is an electric car made by Porsche that uses electricity.

This four-door sports car has a timeless design , colors that symbolize luxury, and capable performance for everyday use.

Reporting from the official page, this car uses the turbo moniker without a turbocharger with a power of 460 Kw and a horse power of up to 616 hp.

Charging time for alternating current (AC) with 9.6kW (0 to 100%) takes 10.5 hours. Meanwhile, the charging time for direct current (DC) with maximum charging power (5 to 80%) only takes 22.5 minutes.

In terms of performance, this car can reach speeds of 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Interestingly, this car can travel long distances of up to 300 miles.

9. Rolls Royce Spectre (US$ 413.000)


Rolls Royce Spectre (Photo: EV Database)


The well-known car brand, Rolls Royce, presents an electric car called the Rolls Royce Specter.

The car is built on an aluminum chassis and powered by a dual-motor electric powertrain that produces 577 hp of power and 664 Nm of torque.

In terms of performance, the Specter can run from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds with a range of 320 miles.

The Specter is Rolls Royce's first electric car ever produced. Rolls Royce itself has said that petrol-powered cars will soon be removed from its product range and replaced entirely with electric vehicles by 2030.

8. Drake GTE (US$ 1.3 million)


Drako GTE (Photo: Robb Report)


The Drako GTE is the only electric vehicle made in America that is attracting attention. How come? It has sleek looks, precise control, impressive power and best mileage in its class.

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This car with a capacity of four passengers is powered by four individual magnetic hybrid synchronous motors which produce 1,200 hp, the top speed achieved reaches 320 km/hour, the battery power used is 450 volts 90 kWh, and the distance reached reaches 800 miles.

7. Hispanic Switzerland Carmen Boulogne (US$2 jute)


Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne (Photo: Carscoops)


Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne is an electric car that has a light weight of around 312 pounds.

The design of this car is inspired by the Hispano-Suiza model produced in the 1930s. Priced at around US$ 2 million, this car was produced in a limited run of 5 copies.

In terms of power, the car produces a total of 1,100 horsepower. The furthest distance that can be reached is around 248 miles.

For sprint performance from 0-60 mph, this car only takes less than 3 seconds. 

What's more interesting, Hispano Suiza offers more than 1,900 special personalization combinations for its customers.

6. God Vayanne ($2 jute)


Deus Vayanne (Photo: ItalDesign)


The Deus Vayanne is a car resulting from a collaboration between Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering which is scheduled to debut in 2025 with limited production, namely 99 units.

This car is powered by one 550 kW front motor and two 550 kW rear electric motors. Thanks to these three motors, this car produces a combined power of 2,243 hp and 1,475 torque.

Amazingly, the Deus Vayanne only needs 1.99 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. The maximum speed that can be achieved is 248 mph with a range of 310 miles.

5. Rimac Nevera (US$ 2.1 million)


Rimac Nevera is the fastest and most expensive electric car in the world (Photo: evo)


Apart from being the most expensive electric car in the world, the Rimac Nevera also has the title of being the fastest electric car in the world.

Uniquely, this car, which was produced in 150 units, was made by hand to increase its exclusivity.

Each year, Nevera production is limited to only 50 units. Amazingly, the first year's production has already sold out and many people are still queuing to buy this car with four electric motors.

One of the main attractions that automotive fans are looking for in this car is its 1,914 horsepower and 1,741 torque.

Amazingly, the Nevera can reach 60 mph in 1.85 seconds, which is 0.19 seconds faster than the Vayanne.

Regarding speed, this car has a maximum speed of 458 mph. So it's not surprising that the Nevera was named the fastest electric car.

4. Battista Pininfarina Cars (US$ 2.2 jute)


Battista Pininfarina cars (Photo: CAR Magazine)


Pininfarina's Battista is an electric car that combines 21st century technology with classic Italian design which makes this car look luxurious and sophisticated.

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This car has four motors which can produce very satisfying performance. In fact, this car can reach 60 mph in just 1.8 seconds with a top speed of 240 mph. 

The highest speed ever achieved by this car is around 386 km/hour with a maximum distance of 310 miles or 498 km.

3. Lotus Evie (US$ 2.3 Utah)


Lotus Evija (Photo: Car and Drive)


Lotus Evija was designed with one goal "to be the world's best most powerful electric vehicle".

To achieve this goal, the Evija is powered by four electric motors which can produce a total of 1,971 hp and 1,254 torque. 

As for speed, the Evija can run from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds at a speed of 218 mph. The distance this car can cover is only around 250 miles.

Lotus Evija is available in limited production of 130 units which have already sold out.

2. Nio EP9 (US$ 3.48 million)


Nio EP9, the most expensive car in the world which is only available in China (Photo: NIO)


The Nio EP9 is a car that is only available in China in limited quantities, namely 16 units. 

The car is powered by four individual electric motors producing 1,400 hp and can reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.7 seconds. Meanwhile, the top speed is around 320 km/h (200 mph).

Having a large and strong battery, this car can travel up to 265 miles or the equivalent of 426 km.

1. Aspark Owl (US$4 juta)


Aspark Owl is the most expensive car in the world today (Photo:


Aspark Owl is a full electric hypercar originating from Japan. This car was first introduced at the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show and became the main star at the event.

The main attraction that attracts the attention of automotive lovers to this car is the power and speed of the Aspark Owl.

Because this car is powered by two electric motors on the front axle and two electric motors on the rear.

Thanks to the four electric motors, the Aspark Owl is capable of producing 1,984 hp and 1,475 torque.

For the sprint problem from 0-60 mph, this car only takes 1.69 seconds. Meanwhile, from 0-186 mph, this car only takes 10.6 seconds.

This is what makes the Aspark Owl the most expensive electric car in the world and the car with the fastest acceleration in the world.

The distance that Aspark Owl can cover on one charge is up to 280 miles. Charging time only takes 80 minutes to be full.